The cover.

Silent Rebellion is the first book in the Trespassers trilogy.


The story is from the perspective of Dakota Nightshade , a fourteen-year-old girl with black hair and blue eyes. She lives in the futuristic country of Narvia with her mother and little siblings Poppy and Luke . She has always despised the capital city of Jakila and its spoiled citizens that are oblivious to her existence. When she is kidnapped by a group of rebels secretly plotting to overthrow the government and gain freedom and rights, she joins the revolution in the hopes of creating a better future for her family.


I crash through the woods, desperately searching for a way to escape this nightmarish world. My grip on my knife tightens and I shift from side to side, looking for non-existent predators. In Narvia, you're always being hunted.

Dakota Nightshade lives in the futuristic world of Narvia, where there is a gleaming capital city called Jakila and the wilderness that surrounds it. Struggling to scavenge a living amongst the ruins of what used to be Europe, she must survive in the wild and feed her family without being caught by the harsh government that controls Narvia or the hostile villagers that live nearby. Life is content... until Dakota is kidnapped by a secret organization of rebels planning to overthrow Jakila and the Narvian government and need her help to succeed. Will she choose what's right in her heart or her head?