"Have a seat, Miss Nightshade. We've got a lot of explaining to do." - Scarlet to Dakota




Scarlet was one of the leaders of the rebel organization that kidnapped Dakota Nightshade. She fought for freedom and what she believed in. Scarlet's weapon was a gleaming silver bow and arrow, which Dakota used after Scarlet died.

Traits And AppearanceEdit

Scarlet was sullen and self-centered, although extremely fierce and loyal to her beliefs. She had bright crimson hair the color of blood and glimmering silver eyes. In some ways, she is a lot like her rebel partner Iris .


Scarlet was from a small mining community called Old Lyme. She was a healer/nurse/doctor, and while she was in another village fighting an epidemic, her husband and daughter were killed in a mine explosion deep underground. She was devastated.




Scarlet died while the rebels were climbing Mt. August to reach Jakila. Up high in the mountain peaks, they were easily spotted by Jakilan air forces, which dropped a bomb on the mountain. Scarlet pushed the targeted victim, Dakota, out of the way and could not escape in time, thus being blown up by the bomb. She might've survived if the bomb had not knocked off her legs and triggered an avalanche that "swallowed" her up.