Poppy Nightshade is Dakota Nightshade's little sister. She prefers helping her mother gather food in the gardens than hunt like Dakota or her twin brother, Luke . She is calm and composed. She has honey-colored curly hair and big, round blue eyes like the sky. She is precious to Dakota.


Poppy Nightshade.


In Sabotage, Poppy is captured and taken to a prison by Jakilan officials. When Dakota comes and frees her, she is killed by a guard and Dakota is deeply saddened.


In the third book, Bullseye, Dakota honors Poppy's memory and vows to avenge her death. Poppy haunts Dakota's dreams constantly and Dakota continues to grieve for her deceased sister. Dakota is not the only one who grieves for Poppy. Luke, her twin brother, is also deeply affected by her death and is moved to tears whenever she is mentioned.