"But she is clever. Just in her own way." - Annie on Luna


Luna is one of Dakota Nightshade's allies. She is elegant, serene, and quiet. Whenever she isn't affected by her insanity, she is calm and completely zen. She secretly likes Dakota's little brother, Luke Nightshade. She hunts with an awl.

Traits And AppearanceEdit

Luna is 10 years old, with flowing dark brown locks and sea-green eyes. Her eyes usually swirl with multi-colored patterns.


Luna's parents were Jakilan scientists, and when she was a little girl, one of her parents' experiments went horribly wrong, killing them, destroying the laboratory, and permanently scarring Luna, who was the only survivor. The experimental material leaked into her bloodflow during the experiment, rewiring her brain and turning her mad. Sometimes she will squint her eyes shut and plug her ears as if to block out a terrible noise, other times she'll claim she has seen visions of the future and wail, and most likely she'll completely zone out into her own little world and her eyes will take on a vacant, empty look.


In Bullseye, Luna helps save the rebel pack by recognizing what they thought were wild wolves to actually being wolf mutts (wild animals that were taken into custody by Jakilans and had their brains rewired to adapt freakish features) and helped get Luke and Dakota out in time. Annie, however, could not be saved, and Luna grieved for weeks.