Anime Jake.

"We don't bite, Dakota." - Jake to Dakota


Jake is one of the rebels that kidnapped Dakota Nightshade. Jake is Iris' twin and the exact opposite of her. Unlike her, he is quiet and keeps to himself. He may be shy and secretive, but he is very clever and strategic, and competent with a sword.

Traits And AppearanceEdit

Jake has silky blonde hair and gleaming blue eyes like the ocean. He finds himself attracted to Dakota, and although he won't admit it out loud, he sort of likes her. He is sly, cunning, quiet and strategic. He always knows what to do in a situation. He uses swords to fight and trains Dakota to.

Silent RebellionEdit

In this book, Jake helps locate and fight Jakila with the other rebels, Scarlet, Red Shadow and his own sister, Iris. He fights off many Jakilan soldiers, and when Iris is killed, he rushes forward to help her, but Red Shadow holds him back, saying that he trusts Iris to handle this herself. But she can't fight it, and she falls to the ground. Jake takes her hand in his, knowing she is dying, and begs her not to leave him. Iris says she will be safe with her mother and father, who are already dead, and she dies. Jake grieves over her death, as she was his only living family.


Jake dies when Annie, Luna and Dakota are invading Jakila, which has no authority left. He has apparently taken disguise as a Jakilan boy, and Dakota vaguely recognizes him, but Annie mistakens him for a real Jakilan. She shoots an atomic arrow through his heart, thus killing him and destroying his surroundings. Dakota's heart is crushed.