Iris looking pretty and sparkly... and sad.

"You're the heir of Narvia. You're the only one who can save us." - Iris to Dakota

Iris is one of the rebel group that kidnapped Dakota Nightshade in an effort to save Narvia from the darkness that awaits it. She is fierce and extremely protective of her shy twin, Jake. She is an orphan, and her parents were rebellious, just like her. She has a fiesty, fiery attitude and isn't afraid to speak her mind, although she's very talkative and not very good at keeping secrets. Some would call her a chatterbox. She is extremely talented with a mace, and her deadly secret is that she dips the spikes of the mace in a fatal poison.


Iris' lethal mace. She dipped hers in poison.

Traits And AppearanceEdit

Iris has flowing blonde curls and sparkling brown eyes. They glow oddly when she's mad, and she has perfect tan skin. She's stubborn and impatient, and also determined. Once she sets her mind to something, she never gives in.

Silent RebellionEdit

In Silent Rebellion, Iris fights in the war against Jakila with Dakota, Scarlet, Red Shadow and Jake. When the president steps onto the battlefield and Iris addresses him, the guards, worried she will command an attack, drag her away and slam her skull against the remains of a crashed battle helicopter. Jake, her twin brother, runs out to help her, but Red Shadow knocks him back, trusting that Iris will be able to save herself. She spikes three of her killers, but at the end it wasn't enough. Her skull cracks and she dies, her hand in Jake's.

Despite Dakota and Iris' cold relationship, Dakota finds herself grieving over Iris' death and believes it was her fault that Iris died because she didn't step forward and Iris did.