"I'm Annie. I'm your ally." - Annie to Dakota


Annie is one of Dakota Nightshade's allies. She is confident and always has a trick up her sleeves. She takes care of herself and Luna to survive and has a rebellious heart. She uses a lance as a weapon, and rides a creamy white horse named Snow. She is 17 years old.

Traits And AppearanceEdit

Annie is always smirking and is a mischevious girl. She takes everything and twists it to her advantage, and is sneaky and secretive. But she's also fun-loving and cool. She has flowing dark brown hair with blue streaks, and ice blue eyes with flecks of silver. Her pale skin is flawless, except for a few scars here and there. She has a funky punk-rock style that Dakota secretly envies and admires, although she won't say it out loud.


Annie is killed when the group encounters a hostile pack of Jakilan mutt wolves (natural creatures whose brains have been freakishly rewired by Jakilans) with glossy silver fur and gleaming red eyes, and make hauntingly realistic human screams when they are dying. Dakota, Luna and Luke escape from the fight, hear Annie scream once, and then she is never seen again. Later in the book they find her bloody remains floating in the stream and it is discovered that the wolves decapitated her.